The only thing I love as much as creating things from scratch is guiding others to creative success. Leading a talented group of designers and copywriters from the cold bullet points of a brief to a polished, vibrant brand and content campaign always fills me with pride.

My approach to creative direction is all about clear storytelling, practical value, and meaningful connections.

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Using a feature launch to tell a bigger product story


The most successful seasonal campaign in Evernote's history


Go-to-market campaign for calendar features in Evernote

Evernote Brand Guidelines

As steward of a globally recognized and beloved brand, it was my job to maintain continuity with our past while also extending and continually updating our expression to stay relevant. This version of our brand guidelines shows significant evolution from the 2018 refresh and represents the state of the brand immediately prior to Evernote's acquisition by Bending Spoons in 2023.

Download PDF [13.1 MB]

Visual direction: Kent Ward
Voice & tone: Forrest Bryant, Anthony Bartlett

“The New Evernote”

This sizzle video introduced a completely redesigned and rebuilt version of the Evernote app. Our aim was to showcase the app's versatility, clean new editor and search interface, and a more consistent experience across devices.

Video production & animation: Joshua Kidwell
Script: Anthony Bartlett & David Perez

Black Friday Campaign

Sometimes it's best to keep things simple. Rather than overburden our 2022 Black Friday flash sale with complex storytelling, we got right to the point with tightly integrated assets across web, mobile push, email, and in-app placements.

Design: Nathan Au
Copy: David Perez

“Introducing Tasks”

The addition of task management to Evernote marked a shift from taking notes to taking action. Beginning with my suggested tag line of "turn to-do into done," this video balanced an educational walkthrough with marketing sizzle to show off functionality while the tasks themselves amplified Evernote's expanding brand promise.

Video production & animation: Joshua Kidwell
Design: Qianqian Wang
Script: Anthony Bartlett & David Perez

“On the Go”

15-second ad that quickly suggested three ways to be more productive on a mobile device using the Evernote app. This was also the stealth introduction of "Remember everything, accomplish anything," which would be a core part of the brand for years to come.

Video production & animation: Joshua Kidwell
Design: DJ Murphy

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