Calendar integration:
Become a meeting mastermind!

A good creative team knows when to think beyond the brief.

Google Calendar integration was an important step in Evernote’s drive to becoming a full-featured productivity solution. But aside from being able to see your calendar or get meeting reminders—things people could already do without us—reasons to adopt the feature were difficult to explain and poorly understood.

So when my team had to come up with the launch creative for calendar notifications, an incremental improvement to the feature, we saw an opportunity to think bigger. Instead of focusing on what the feature was, we dove straight into why it mattered, weaving a narrative where Evernote could improve your meetings while making you look like a genius.

Getting more from every meeting

Starting with the central premise that meetings suck (and that one of the main reasons is a lack of preparation and structure), I identified three insight-based pillars for our story:

  1. If your meeting can draw on work you've already done, the faster you can find and recall that information, the better the meeting will go.
  2. Too often, nobody remembers to take notes in a meeting. A friendly nudge and instant note setup can ensure you’re the one who remembers every time.
  3. Meetings become more valuable when all the relevant ideas, questions, and follow-up items get recorded and shared, so everyone remembers what happened… and what’s next.

My all-star team ran with it, producing a tight, relatable script and fun visuals that finally made the point of calendar integration easy to understand. As a capper, the team asked me to provide the voiceover track.


Creative Direction & Voice Talent
Forrest Bryant

Design & Animation
Josh Kidwell

David Perez, Anthony Bartlett

Project Management
Lisa Van Tassel

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