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Doing the right things

When Evernote moved its brand from note-taking to “focusing on what matters most” in 2018, I led our content strategy through a parallel shift.

For years, we had proclaimed the gospel of productivity. But getting more stuff done isn’t the point. It's about doing the right things and making an impact. As I wrote in Evernote’s 2018 Brand Story: “We believe that focused people, driven by passion, can transform their lives. And when they join forces, they can change the world.”

A “focused” point of view

I conceived “Focus Culture” as a content program that could bring the journalistic vision of outlets like NPR and Vice to corporate marketing, building on the voice and on-screen persona I'd developed for the Ever Better Challenge.
Through video, audio, and text, we would not only tell customer stories, but show how incredible achievements can come from the focus Evernote provides. Since Evernote users are well-educated and discriminating, we would “aim for the brain” with sophisticated content, an intellectual voice, and high production values.


For example, our feature on the California Academy of Sciences had interlocking components, all produced entirely in-house:

1. Documentary video

I conducted on-camera interviews for a case study showing how the Academy used Evernote to plan and produce their massive Giants of Land and Sea exhibition. This two-year project illustrates the vital role the Academy plays in public science education.

2. Podcast

I spoke with the Academy’s “citizen science” lead to learn how ordinary people can support important scientific research, literally in their own backyards. I also produced and edited the episode.

3. Medium article

I wrote a long-form article that brought the entire feature together, merging video, audio, and text to present a complex, multifaceted story that was both wide-ranging and deep, linking the big picture of science to practical tips anyone can use right away.


4. Social media

Behind-the-scenes glimpses released on Evernote’s social channels made the story itself a story, driving audience interest in what we were doing and increasing a sense of authentic conversation.


Shortly after the rollout of this story, corporate priorities shifted to “fixing the basics” of Evernote—rightly so—and our marketing followed suit. The Focus Culture platform was not further developed and there was no opportunity to build a following or see where else it could go. But the authentic, thoughtful tone we established influenced creative for years afterward.
Focus Culture was a sterling example of how a company can use its unique brand position and personality to tell powerful, interesting stories that rise above the norm. I will always be proud of it.


“The company is doubling down on focus as a differentiator for its product. Evernote has expanded its productivity-geared push through a new ‘Focus Culture’ podcast and regular blog posts. There’s a theme here that’s undeniable.”




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